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Kitchen Roll Outs

The Kitchen. It has become the showcase of the home. Where guests gather first and most often. Yet, behind those beautiful cabinet doors and under those breathtaking granite countertops is a disheveled pile of utensils and gadgets.


Drawers could be called the great equalizer. All of us benefit from bringing things closer to us without straining.


Replacing standard shelves with rollout drawer boxes will de-stress and organize your life in the kitchen. Pullouts give you power over your base cabinets or pantry. They allow you easy accessibility to everything in the cabinets. Even that pan on the bottom in the far back. They allow you to get it without shifting, removing, or reorganizing. If your cabinets are overflowing rollout boxes make better use of the cabinet space.


Rollout drawer boxes are also essential to those looking to “Age in Place.” 5 of the top 10 recommended designs for Aging in Place indicate drawers as the answer for an easier life in kitchen.